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Even Those Hired to Represent Us Can Harm Us

Simply because they wear a suit and you pay them a copious amount of money doesn’t mean that they’re ethical or infallible. Although you’d never expect it, sometimes you end up taking to court the very person that you initially hired to help you with your legal troubles. Going to court for a legal matter is draining enough without having to deal with a negligent lawyer. However, if you’ve been wronged by a lawyer, you need to seek compensation.

If you think that your lawyer may have taken advantage of you, you need first to understand that lawyers are not perfect and are capable of making mistakes. That being said, there is a line between a mistake and willful negligence. Your lawyer may have committed legal malpractice if they’ve mishandled your case due to negligence and as a result caused harm to a client. To have a case against a lawyer, you’ll have to prove that a number of things occurred. Once you’ve proven that the client-attorney relationship was valid, you need to have evidence of negligence, a breach of contract, financial loss, or emotional harm.

To win a case, you must be able to prove that had your attorney not acted in a negligent or improper manner you would have had a reasonable chance at winning your case. The most common grounds for malpractice include: failing to meet a deadline, failing to properly go forward with a lawsuit, failing to perform conflicts checks, failing to adhere to client confidentiality standards, failing to return phone calls, etc. Even if you do not receive the outcome you want from a civil legal malpractice case you should still report the lawyer to the State Bar for further investigation.

Unethical attorneys need to be weeded out and brought to justice for attorney malpractice that they’ve committed. Knowing when you’ve been mistreated can be difficult. If you’re a San Diego resident who thinks your case has been mishandled, you need to get in touch with one of the respectable and ethical lawyers at the Browning Hocker law firm.

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