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Seeking a Legal Malpractice Claim? It’s Probably Because Your Lawyer Did This…

The difference between right and wrong in regards to legal malpractice isn’t exactly black and white. Trying to figure out if you’re on the receiving end of unethical or negligent legal malpractice may take the perceptive eye of an experienced San Diego malpractice lawyer. If you have even a suspicion that you’ve been mistreated, you should get in touch with the reputable lawyers at the Browning Hocker law firm. In the meantime take a look at some of the most common legal malpractice claims.

Fail to Know/Apply Law

A failure to know law typically involves a lawyer who claims to have knowledge outside of their field of practice. These lawyers are in effect incompetent charlatans due to the fact that they don’t have adequate experience in the field of law that pertains to their client’s situation. Lawyers who don’t specialize in a particular area of law can still take on their client’s case, but they must prove themselves to be competent through their work. If they fail to research and apply findings properly, they may be exposed as a negligent and incompetent lawyer.

Strategy Error

Also known as planning error, strategy error deals with making negligent choices that lead to a poor result. This claim is difficult to bring to court because it’s often times difficult to differentiate between a major blunder that’s considered malpractice and an innocuous mistake. One’s practice may be called into question when they don’t make the appropriate claims or defenses. Improper trial planning and negligent settlements are also grounds for suing a lawyer for malpractice.


Putting off your work until the last minute isn’t just a propensity that teenagers have, even those with high-paying professional jobs can also fall victim to procrastination. Managing a case requires that an attorney puts forth a certain effort into making sure that the issue in question has been given enough time for proper research as well as other pertinent matters. Procrastination matters can involve a failure to file documents, to calendar, or to react to the calendar.

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