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How Do I Know If My Lawyer Was Corrupt?

All men and women are capable of doing corrupt things at one time or another. Having the profession of a lawyer doesn’t make someone immune to acting in a manner that is contrary to the litigation code of ethics. Corrupt lawyers need to be weeded out. Along with reporting them to the state bar, you can also take them to court with the help of a San Diego-based malpractice lawyer. To help give you an idea of what a corrupt lawyer looks like, here are a couple scenarios that may reveal your lawyer to be corrupt or unethical.

Giving Away Your Information

Any information you disclose to your lawyer is considered to be private. If your lawyer decides to go ahead and sell or provide outsiders with that information, they may be doing so with malicious intent. If the intent is to damage one’s name, it’s malicious, if it’s done by accident, it’s negligent and may mean malpractice.

Ill-Advising You to Drop the Case

A reputable lawyer will keep you abreast of any major updates in regards to your case. Keeping in weekly communication with your lawyer will give you a fairly well-rounded idea of how your case is going. If your lawyer suddenly advises you to drop the case despite being optimistic beforehand, he may have made his decision based on ulterior motives.

Taking a Nominal Settlement

Perhaps the defendant knows they’ll lose if the issue is taken to court and in effect, they want to settle out of court. You and your lawyer should confer and talk about how you can get the most out of the settlement. If your lawyer advises you to take a suspiciously low settlement, red flags should be raised. Taking a meager settlement may mean collusion between your legal team and the opposition’s.

Understanding what qualifies as being corrupt and how to identify it can be a difficult process. If you have any concerns that your attorney was unethical, you should contact the professionals at Browning Hocker.

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