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My Lawyer May Have Been Immoral and Dishonest

Lawyers are not impervious to the vices of men. It’s rare that you’ll encounter a corrupt lawyer who looks out for their interests before yours, but they do exist and they are accepting new clients. Immoral practices can manifest themselves in a multitude of ways. When trying to pin down what dishonesty of immorality looks like within the context of litigation, you’ll have to have an experienced eye by your side. Receive the support you need by getting in touch with the experienced legal malpractice lawyers at Browning Hocker. If you have reason to believe that your lawyer acted unjustly, it may be because he or she did one of the following.

Lost Key Evidence

The easiest way to sabotage a case is to refrain from presenting, or altogether losing evidence that is integral to the case. Losing or forgetting such evidence is a clear indication that the lawyer in question has behaved immorally or dishonestly. That being said, it will be difficult to prove in a court of law that vital evidence has been lost or withheld.

Nominal Settlement

If a victory for the plaintiff is inevitable, the defendant will most likely decide to settle out of court. It is here that you and your lawyer will deliberate and try to get a hefty settlement. However, it may be the case that your lawyer chose not to settle for the largest amount possible and instead opted to ask for a nominal settlement. If such is the case, you and your malpractice lawyers can get together and reconstruct your case to develop an idea of how much you likely could have asked for and should have received from the prior settlement.

Misses Court Dates

A fairly obvious way to determine whether a lawyer was immoral and or negligent is if they don’t show up to important dates. If they miss meetings and court hearings you will have no problem putting together a persuasive case against them.

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