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Lawyer Abandoned Me; I lost my case

My Lawyer Just Abandoned Me, Now What?

If you’ve lost your case on account of your lawyer being absent from court proceedings, you may well have a case of legal malpractice on your hands. Unlike many of the actions that may qualify as legal malpractice, having a lawyer leave a case before it’s been resolved is grounds for taking your lawyer to court. To know for sure if your lawyer has acted unethically, you need to get in touch with the malpractice lawyers at Browning Hocker that are based in San Diego. Until then, let’s dig a bit deeper into the legal intricacies surrounding lawyer abandonment.

Generally speaking, it’s much easier for a client to part ways with a lawyer than vice versa. A client can fire an attorney for a number of reasons, however, a lawyer can only leave a client if it won’t have a significant negative impact on the case. A lawyer cannot drop a case simply because there is a minor disagreement between the client and lawyer. Lawyers may only opt out of representation if the client has behaved in an immoral way. Such immoral activity may include committing criminal and fraudulent actions. For example, if a client goes against the wishes of a lawyer and carries our criminal behavior, a lawyer may in turn legally terminate a contract. Lawyers can also refuse to carry out a contact to fruition is the client refuses or can’t make payments.

That being said, if the client remains ethical during their stint with their lawyer, the attorney doesn’t have legal grounds to back out of the contract. Should the lawyer decide to leave the contract, the client should immediately hire an attorney to either continue the case that was already in motion or push the case back. It’s always prudent to begin a civil lawsuit as soon as the malpractice has been committed. Waiting will only decrease the likelihood that the resulting verdict will be in your favor.

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