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Employment Law

Employment Law

Employment Law encompasses a broad range of state, federal and local laws impacting numerous aspects of the employer’s relationships with employees, vendors and customers. While Federal employment laws generally apply to all employers in all states, California has its own comprehensive laws which overlap federal laws and often impose more stringent requirements. Key differences are in the treatment of overtime and other wage and hour requirements, family medical and pregnancy leaves and disability accommodation. California differences are a critical factor for multi-state employers and an area where it is critical to have expertise in California employment law when dealing with employment issues for employees working within California.

We can provide counseling, education and advice to guide you through the maze of employment laws to avoid liabilities and create clear and effective policies to help you manage employment risks. If you are faced with a claim or suit for an alleged violation of law, we can guide you from the start on every issue to be considered, including where the litigation should take place, whether the claim should be tendered to one or more insurance carriers or a third party or the third party’s insurance carrier, and whether the case should be litigated at all. Our focus will not be limited to the instant litigation threats, but will also consider the potential threat of similar litigation from other employees, available insurance limits, asset protection, and of course, the cost of litigation. We are mindful of the fact that attorneys and litigation are a significant cost that you want to avoid to the extent possible, and that the expenditure on attorneys is only worthwhile if cheaper than the alternatives.

Although the vast majority of our employment practice is devoted to assisting and representing employers, we also counsel individuals on their employment rights and remedies and will represent individuals with meritorious cases.

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